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October 28, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Halloween Candy & Wine Pairings

Whether you get trick-or-treaters, it’s the time of year to have a delicious bowl of sweets and treats in your home. As wine lovers, we are intrigued by the challenges and delights of pairing fine wines with these morsels. Rather than tell you what wine to have with your fun size Snickers bar, however, we’re making recommendations based on candy components. Whether you want to lean into the nuances of nougat or the complexities of caramel, there’s a wine that will suit you!

With Peanuts - Cielo Viola

For anyone reaching for the coveted Reese pumpkins or the salty-sweet of a Snickers, we recommend enjoying this nuttiness alongside the balanced nature of Cielo Viola. Our Cielo offers enough rich fruit to harmonize with the peanuts (like PB & J) and just enough tannin to moderate the sweetness. 

With Mellocreme - Chardonnay

Love it or hate it, candy corn and other mellocreme delights are a part of the season. If you have a soft spot for this polarizing candy, you are not alone! It’s sweet as can be, and sometimes that’s what you need. We enjoy this alongside the light creamy notes of our Reserve Chardonnay

With Nougat - Sparkling

Nougat offers a satisfying bite with a balance between chewy and smooth. Whether you’re enjoying a rich Milky Way or the fluffy nougat in a 3 Musketeers, you can appreciate the addition of a glass of Sparkling Wine. It’s fun, plain and simple!

With Caramel - Zinfandel

From Rolos to Twix to homemade confections, caramel deserves its established presence in the candy world. We appreciate the plummy, jammy tones of a good Zinfandel alongside caramels of all kinds, especially handcrafted. 

With Milk Chocolate - Cuvée Dray

For the chocolate lovers out there, the world of wine is open to you! When it comes to specific pairings, however, this one shines. Our Cuvée Dray is both flavorful and approachable, with enough body to stand up to some sweetness. 

Toffee - Petite Sirah

The caramelized, buttery profile of crisp English toffee is a delight to the palate and tastes almost nostalgic. A classic like this comfortably joins an underappreciated classic like Petite Sirah. Enjoy the interplay of toffee and this wine’s rich dark notes.

Dark Chocolate - Cabernet Sauvignon

A truly quintessential conversation if ever there was one! Cabernet and dark chocolate together offer bold flavors, parallel profiles of tannin and cocoa, and full-bodied enjoyment. Both our Jewel Collection and Reserve Collection Cabernets offer this juicy delight. 

Fruity Candy - Grapeful Rosé

We love the fun fruity flavors of hard candies like jolly ranchers as well as the chewier varieties like skittles and starburst. These are all delightful with a crisp glass of our vibrant Grapeful Rose, which offers bright flavor and fun complexity to these pairings. 

Trick or treat! Happy Halloween from Ruby Hill.

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Ruby Hill Winery
October 21, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Picking the Right Wine for the Weather

As Northern California eases into sweater weather, we are savoring the beauty of the slow changes from season to season. Each month offers its own beauty and charms. Of course, we get excited about wine all year round, regardless of what the weather is up to. When there’s too many options, try letting the weather help you decide! Whether it’s a heatwave or a cold snap, the weather can lend a hand with your wine selection.

When it’s 100-110℉: Sparkling Wine

Sweltering weather calls for something light, bright, and refreshing, as well as lower alcohol levels, and our Sparkling wine checks all the boxes. 

When it’s 90-100℉: Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay

Don’t let the heat make you grumpy; just take it as a perfect opportunity to experience the freshness of each sip of these white wines. 

When it’s 80-90℉: Grapeful Rosé

Still a touch too warm for deep reds but not too hot to stand, this weather allows our Grapeful Rose to take on a perfect middle ground. 

When it’s 70-80℉: Sangiovese or Intesa

You’re finally comfortable enough to pull out your red wines, so go for these lighter reds that offer great fruit character without asking too much. 

When it’s 60-70℉: Peacock Patch Zinfandel

Time to get jammy. The richness of this Zinfandel is deliciously balanced with pleasant acidity so you can enjoy it anytime!

When it’s 50-60℉: Cielo Viola or Cuvée Dray

It’s time to open up these amiable blends. Cielo Viola marries Petite Sirah and Zin, while the Cuvée Dray is a Cabernet-focused blend, balanced by some Petit Verdot and Merlot.

When it’s 40-50℉: Jewel Cabernet Sauvignon

Cozy, classic, and absolutely luxurious, this wine is perfect for enchanting your palate as well as warming your heart. 

When it’s 30-40℉: Riverbed Red

We’re reaching the freezing point, so it’s time for a rich warm dish like beef bourguignon or osso buco with this blend of Cab, Syrah, and Petite Sirah.

When it’s 20-30℉: Jewel Petit Verdot

This wine offers all of the comfort of a deluxe, rich mouthfeel, joined by soft, generous tannins. Petit Verdot offers a warmth that can’t compare!

When it’s 10-20℉: Jewel Petite Sirah

Now, you want to curl up and enjoy a warm blanket of velvety tannins and bold rich flavor that can only be found in our Jewel Petite Sirah. 

As we always say, when it comes to pairing, don’t be afraid to break the rules. If you need to find a walk-in freezer so you can enjoy some bold reds on a warm day, we won’t judge!

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Ruby Hill Winery
October 14, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Fall Wine Pairings for your October Release

This week, we welcomed some new vintages to the tasting room with our October Release. Since this time of year always has us feeling festive, we’re recommended a few mouthwatering pairings to cozy up with this month! 

2020 Petit Verdot - Shepherd's Pie

Enjoy layers of flavor in this comforting classic. We recommend using lamb to keep things classically flavorful and to pair well with our Jewel Petit Verdot, but ground beef will work as well. This recipe breaks down how to get the best flavor in every element of this rich dish. 

Recipe from Serious Eats

2019 Jewel Zinfandel - Roasted Pork Chops and Apples

Enjoy the savory and sweet interplay of apples and onions alongside balsamic infused pork chops in this easy-to-prepare sheet pan recipe. In less than an hour, you have a delicious meal that pairs deliciously with the fruity and velvety profile of our Jewel Zinfandel.

Recipe from Delish

2019 Riverbed Red - Braised Short Ribs 

This hearty classic is perfect for fall and promises delicious possibilities for leftovers! This particularly delicious recipe calls for a truly stupendous amount of garlic—just the way we like it. Enjoy this alongside our brand-new Riverbed red, a bold and rich red blend. 

Recipe from Delish

2019 Reserve Chardonnay - Butternut Squash Soup

This recipe is the embodiment of coziness with each flavorful spoonful offering warm, creamy comfort. The delicate sweetness of the butternut squash pairs delightful with our Reserve Chardonnay.

Recipe from Downshiftology

2018 Reserve Petite Sirah - Hard Cider Mac N Cheese

We love a twist on a classic, and this is no exception. If you like comfort food as the weather takes on a chill, then this dish is for you. Go over-the-top with cheese and bacon, then enjoy alongside the deep profile of our critically acclaimed Reserve Petite Sirah.

Recipe from Life as a Strawberry

2019 Jewel Chardonnay - Apple Cake

There’s something uniquely autumnal to biting into a simple cake with flavors of cinnamon and chopped nuts. Light yet moist, this cake is easy to make and even easier to eat! We recommend serving it with a drizzle of icing and a glass of our Jewel Collection Chardonnay!

Recipe from Ahead of Thyme

Cozy up with your favorite pairings and tag us @rubyhillwines!

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Ruby Hill Winery
October 7, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

The Great Pumpkin: Fall Recipes & Wine Pairings

There’s nothing quite as comforting as your first bite into a warm, spiced confection. As the leaves begin putting on their flashy red, orange, and yellow hues and the weather adopts a chill, we are ready to begin fall baking. To celebrate October, we’re baking with pumpkin and spice 3 ways. Which one is your favorite?


Swirled Pumpkin Bread 

This moist and mouth watering pumpkin bread has a luxurious cinnamon swirl layered throughout, making it the ultimate autumn comfort food!

Recipe by Morgan for Host the Toast



Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins 

Pumpkin and cream cheese are a match made in heaven. In this recipe, spicy and creamy coexist in all the right ways, all topped off with a tasty streusel!

Recipe by Toni of Boulder Locavore


Vegan Pumpkin Cookies 

These soft-baked cookies are an elegant treat any time of day. If it’s too early to enjoy them with a glass of wine, we recommend a cozy cup of tea!

Recipe by Jessica Hylton of Jessica in the Kitchen


Pumpkin Spice Wine Pairing Tips

Pair the warm flavors of pumpkin spice with wines like our Reserve Petite Sirah, Jewel Zinfandel, Cielo Viola, Jewel Petite Sirah, or the light creaminess with Chardonnay and Sparkling Wine! Really, just enjoy what makes you smile.

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