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Ruby Hill Winery
April 5, 2024 | Ruby Hill Winery

What We're Drinking

If you’re looking for relatable, realistic, and delicious wine pairings, the Ruby Hill staff are the people to ask. This week, we asked our knowledgeable team of wine-lovers to tell us about their go-to wines from our collections, plus what they’re eating alongside it! Come along with us as we dream up a delicious menu for April. 

Sandi - Sparkling Wine
Pairing perfectly with a bubbly personality, Sandi loves a glass of our Sparkling wines. Easy to pair with all kinds of food, she says she’d enjoy it this week alongside ham and potatoes au gratin. 

Ami - Grapeful Rosé
This week, Ami suggests leaning into the springtime vibes with a fresh green salad with pomegranate and grilled chicken, which makes a great match for a lovely and unbeatably fresh glass of our Grapeful Rosé

Sue - Sangiovese 
Keeping with the spring theme, Sue recommends Sangiovese for its delicious brightness. This Italian red meets her table next to angel hair pasta with marinara, along with garlic bread and a side salad. As an extra perk, the Sangiovese is on sale as the wine of the month!

Jeanne M - Intesa 
Without a doubt, Jeanne picks an Intesa, a new vintage of which hit the tasting room this week! The combination of Cabernet and Barbera makes it a positively scrumptious pairing for Jeanne’s recommendation of a mushroom-sausage pizza. 

Paul - Reserve Mirage 
The Mirage is an limited-production blend featured in our Reserve Collection, with a lustrous and balanced flavor profile. Right now, Paul enjoys the Mirage alongside baked barbecue chicken, and we agree wholeheartedly. 

Jeanne S - Cuvée Dray 
Also debuting a new vintage this week, the Cuvée Dray is a dazzlingly delicious Bordeaux-style blend, which Jeanne is pairing with a tri tip, smoked and then grilled. Is anyone else drooling?

Sandy - Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 
It’s hard to go wrong with a good Cabernet. Sandy suggests going all-out and enjoying a luxurious prime rib, which partners like a dream with our Reserve Cabernet. Make sure to use freshly cracked pepper on that steak!

Lauri & Clay - Jewel Petit Verdot 
This elegant wine has become the go-to favorite of many team members. Lauri savors the Jewel Petit Verdot with a filet mignon, while Clay says he’ll go for a tomahawk steak with grilled onions and mushrooms, and a dijon horseradish. 

Craving a glass of your favorite wine? Visit our tasting room or order online to stock up on Ruby Hill wines. Don’t forget to check out our mixed cases for the best deals—these prices won’t last long!


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