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Ruby Hill Winery
April 19, 2024 | Ruby Hill Winery

April in the Vineyard

Spring has settled in across our estate vineyard. Everywhere you look, you see the verdant signs of fresh growth, as the trees blossom and the birds sing. Come with us through this photo gallery to see the beauty of the estate at one of our favorite times of day: sunrise. 

The early buds and leaves of this Sangiovese give just a hint of what this vine will look like in its full growth later this year. 

The neat rows of vines wait patiently in the cloudy dawn. The colder, rainier spring has given our vines the boost they need to send out their shoots, forming vines, leaves, and buds.

Our Sauvignon Blanc vines grow ambitiously; from week to week they will continue growing up and out until they tower over us.

A ray of light catches the perfect shape of this early Petite Sirah bud, emulating the shape of a grape cluster. 

Some of our vineyard blocks, like this Chardonnay, are already well-dressed in a robe of green leaves, growing fast and vibrantly. 

Other blocks take their time. This beautiful block of Barbera grows at its own pace, spending this season soaking in the nutrients and sunlight it needs to produce fruit later on. 

Because of how we prune our vineyard, some vines in these early stages stand above the rest, a banner of green growth that will soon be joined by the ambitious shoots around it. 

There is something fresh and special about this season, where precious new life springs from old vines. 

We are excited to see what the future holds for the 2024 harvest, but there’s a long way to “grow” still!

Thank you for taking a virtual walk with us. If you would like to experience our estate vineyard in person and get a peek behind the scenes at our production cellar, we recommend checking out our Mello Cielo Vineyard Experience bus tour! It’s fun like no other. 



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