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Ruby Hill Winery
March 25, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Red Pasta Sauce Three Ways

If you’re like us, sometimes you just want a big, hearty, delicious helping of pasta. Of course, we love to pair our favorite foods with our favorite wines, so we might recommend a nice glass of Sangiovese to go with that scrumptious red sauce. Pasta, sauce, and Sangiovese are all Italian classics, and they just might need to make it to your table tonight. Take a look at these three favorite recipes for red sauces and figure out which is right for your schedule, skill, and tastes! 

When you have all the time to get it right:

Try this recipe for the best slow cooked Italian American Tomato Sauce, because you can’t rush perfection. This creative recipe from Serious Eats borrows from tradition while using innovative techniques to make sure every flavor is on point. As your house fills with the mouthwatering aromatics of this sauce, you might never go back to your old recipe. This sauce takes about 6 hours, but only 20 minutes of active time. If you work from home, it might be a perfect project for you!

When you crave a classic:

This recipe for Weeknight Red Wine Pasta Sauce from Whole and Heavenly Oven is scrumptious and approachable for anyone who’s got some pantry staples and wants sauce from scratch in less than 2 hours. As a bonus, this recipe calls for 1 cup of red wine, leaving you two-thirds of a bottle to enjoy with dinner (or while the sauce is simmering). Enjoy this surprisingly easy recipe and savor the rich flavors of red wine, aromatics, and herbs. This recipe can be made in larger batches and canned or frozen, so pasta night can happen as often as you like!

When you’re rushed but won’t compromise on flavor

We recommend this stellar 20-minute recipe from Dishing Out Health. A flavorful spin on traditional tomato sauce, this recipe for “Red Pesto” uses pureed sun dried tomatoes, roasted red pepper, fresh basil, and other ingredients to pack a fresh, scrumptious punch. With the magic of starchy pasta water, your noodles will be evenly bedecked with this perfectly textured sauce. Next time you want something simple yet novel, try this out! 

It’s the last weekend of March--don’t let our Wine of the Month pass you by! Our 2018 Sangiovese is on sale for just a few more days.


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Ruby Hill Winery
March 18, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

What to Know about Wine Futures

Can you predict the future? Perhaps you would like to taste it! In the wine world, you might just have a chance to do both. 

What are Wine Futures?

Quite simply, wine futures are wines that have been made but have not yet been bottled. Wines that are blends of several varietals, like our Club-exclusive wines, will already be combined and aging together. The oak barrel or cask that they are stored in has not given its final touches, so there is an element of youth to these wines In fact, in Bordeaux, wine futures are referred to as “en primeur” which translates to “in youth.” Wines sold en primeur may be bottled months or years after tasting from the barrel. Once bottled, the wines will be available to those who purchased. 

How do you get the wine out of the barrel?

Oxidation caused by extended contact with air is the enemy of wine, so it is important to keep barrels sealed off. Every barrel is equipped with a single slat, called a stave, which has a hole for access. Generally, these holes are stopped up with a rubber plug called a “bung” to protect the wine inside from the air. To sample the futures inside the barrels, we use a device called a “wine thief,” a tubular pipette designed to perfectly “steal” tastes of wine.

What is different about a wine future and how is the wine going to change?

One of the reasons for extended barrel aging is to allow oak character to balance the fruit and to give the natural tannins time to integrate. Tasting wine futures allows you to appreciate the character of the fruit itself, which lays the foundation for the eventual wine’s overall profile. Tasting futures is a great way to put your palate to the test and gain intimate insight into the process of your favorite wines. If you like it in the barrel, imagine it in the bottle! Futures allow you to preview and buy what you’ll really love.  

Why buy a future wine?

If you want to secure access to limited edition wines that sell out fast, this is your chance! Some vintages are gone before you know it, and buying futures assures the chance to have these wines won’t pass you by. Even more, these wines are sold at their lowest prices ever. When you purchase a future, you are purchasing far below retail value. It’s an investment! Futures also offer the unique chance to buy something now that will mature and come to fruition later, making it perfect for milestone celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and retirement.  

Who can buy wine futures?

In classic Bordeaux futures tastings, these exclusive pre-sales are open to a select few importers, journalists, retailers, and critics. Here at the Ruby Hill Winery Estate, we are opening our barrels for one night only to our beloved Club Members! We want to share our futures with wine lovers who know that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Our Futures Night will be hosted Saturday, April 23rd, and will feature some of the best wine futures from all over our Estate. The event will be held in the tasting room of our sister winery, Rubino Estates. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are on sale now.

If you're not currently a member but would like to join us for Futures Night, now is the time to sign up!

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Ruby Hill Winery
March 11, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

10 Women-Owned Businesses to Shop Online

In honor of International Women’s Week, we are spotlighting a few exceptional women-owned businesses with a wide variety of products. From candles and curtains to cleaners and cutlery, these businesses have easy online shopping for all sorts of needs and wants. You can shop women-owned from the comfort of home!


Home Decor: Kubo 

With each design, Kubo infuses modern decor with traditional techniques to create visually stunning pieces. Tabletop pieces like coasters and table runners are topped only by gorgeous rattan baskets and patterned pillows, all handmade by Filipino artisans. 


Gifting: Luxe & Bloom 

If you want to give a gift with charm, thoughtfulness, and meticulous attention to detail, then the women behind Luxe and Bloom have perfect options for you. Shop their curated boxes or build your own! Whether you are giving a gift to a coworker, friend, family, member, or yourself, there’s something beautiful for all occasions.


Ambience: Spoken Flames 

Minimalist designs meet personal enrichment with each of these hand-poured candles. Beyond their intoxicating scents, these candles are made from clean ingredients in small batches and carry messages of strength and encouragement.  


Cozy Furnishings: Studio Variously 

Influenced by the work of artists and artisans, the scarves, rugs, pillows, bedspreads, and throws designed by Variously are like no other. Their commitments to sustainability, minimalism, and functionality innervates every operation, including personal relationships with each artisan.


Kitchen: Duebest 

Specializing in cutlery and kitchen tools, Duebest focuses on cutting down on waste, especially single-use plastics. Lightweight, durable, handmade wooden cutlery and knit produce bags take the place of plastic with ease and class. 


Beauty: Honey Scrubbed 

Originating in Long Beach, California, this small women-owned business promotes little acts of love for your skin through their moisturizing body and face scrubs. Perfect for men and women, these scrubs are a dose of luxury you can enjoy on the daily. 


Accessories: Saucey & Wubs 

In a shop named after her grandchildren’s nicknames, Jenny, the founder and designer behind Saucey & Wubs, creates stunning handmade gemstone jewelry. A portion of each sale goes to support local animal rescues. 


Cleaning: Three Main 

The household cleaners and soaps created by Three Main are earth conscious and effective on messes, what more could you ask for? These non-toxic products are carbon neutral and cruelty free, with refillable bottles to make waste a thing of the past. 


Baby: Honey Babe 

Made with buttery-soft, organic fabrics, Honey Babe’s mission is to compliment soft beauty with neutral tones and natural materials. Sizes ranging from 0-24 months, with adorable, minimalist designs exclusively crafted with quality materials.


Apparel: 337brand 

This leisurewear brand creates the most comfortable and timeless items for 24/7 wear. With high standards for local, ethical, and earthy-friendly production, 337brand supports American businesses and donates to plant a tree for every order received.


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Ruby Hill Winery
March 4, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Sangiovese From Stem to Bottle

What does Sangiovese taste like? What makes it special? Is it rare? Here, we are diving into the history and legacy of this inimitable red to honor the Wine of the Month, our 2018 Sangiovese. Long before we grafted Sangiovese into our Estate Vineyard, this old-world workhorse of a wine has been enjoyed globally for its medium tannins, delightful acidity, and fullness of bright, luscious red fruit. 

A Fruit of Many Talents

On its own, Sangiovese is very bright with reliable acid, which lends itself well to blending. Sangiovese is especially malleable, varying widely depending on fermentation style, oak use, and many other details of winemaking. From simple table wine to astonishingly elegant luxury wines, Sangiovese can do it all. 

A Divine Heritage

The name “Sangiovese” comes from the Latin phrase “Sangius Jovis” which means “the blood of Jupiter.” This reference to Roman Mythology further solidifies the heritage of Sangiovese as Italian, through-and-through. As the most widely planted red wine grape in Italy, it is the main component of classic Italian Chiantis and newer “Super Tuscan” blends. 

A European Medley

The first written mention of Sangiovese is dated 1590, by Italian agronomist Giovan Vettorio Soderini. In this writing, he notes that careless winemaking could cause Sangiovese to turn to vinegar. Naturally high acidity explains this phenomenon. To balance the acidity and lightness of Sangiovese, some winemakers began to blend in classic French red varietals, especially Cabernet Sauvignon. Thus, the “Super Tuscan” was born. 

The Quintessential Cal-Ital

Sangiovese is a rare, precious find in California, with fewer than 1,500 acres planted. In the 1980s, a subtle but impactful Cal-Ital movement took hold of the wine scene, wherein California’s wine lovers began to reach beyond Bordeaux Classics like Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir and explore the delicious world of Italian reds.

Food’s Best Friend

One of the most important elements of a food-friendly wine is its acidity. With the balanced elements of fruit, acid, and tannin, Sangiovese is a pairing superstar, especially with pizza and pasta, but also with meatloaf, roast chicken, and other medium fare. Our Sangiovese is rustic, robust, and gorgeous, perfect at pizza night and elegant dinners alike. 

Early to bud and slow to ripen, Sangiovese grapes are tender and delicate while still resistant to drought. On our Estate, we introduced a varietal Sangiovese in 2007, and a Sangiovese Rosé in 2019, the Grapeful Rosé (currently sold out). Traditionaly, varietal Sangioveses are enjoyed young, but ours can also be cellared and enjoyed in days to come.

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