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March 25, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Red Pasta Sauce Three Ways

If you’re like us, sometimes you just want a big, hearty, delicious helping of pasta. Of course, we love to pair our favorite foods with our favorite wines, so we might recommend a nice glass of Sangiovese to go with that scrumptious red sauce. Pasta, sauce, and Sangiovese are all Italian classics, and they just might need to make it to your table tonight. Take a look at these three favorite recipes for red sauces and figure out which is right for your schedule, skill, and tastes! 

When you have all the time to get it right:

Try this recipe for the best slow cooked Italian American Tomato Sauce, because you can’t rush perfection. This creative recipe from Serious Eats borrows from tradition while using innovative techniques to make sure every flavor is on point. As your house fills with the mouthwatering aromatics of this sauce, you might never go back to your old recipe. This sauce takes about 6 hours, but only 20 minutes of active time. If you work from home, it might be a perfect project for you!

When you crave a classic:

This recipe for Weeknight Red Wine Pasta Sauce from Whole and Heavenly Oven is scrumptious and approachable for anyone who’s got some pantry staples and wants sauce from scratch in less than 2 hours. As a bonus, this recipe calls for 1 cup of red wine, leaving you two-thirds of a bottle to enjoy with dinner (or while the sauce is simmering). Enjoy this surprisingly easy recipe and savor the rich flavors of red wine, aromatics, and herbs. This recipe can be made in larger batches and canned or frozen, so pasta night can happen as often as you like!

When you’re rushed but won’t compromise on flavor

We recommend this stellar 20-minute recipe from Dishing Out Health. A flavorful spin on traditional tomato sauce, this recipe for “Red Pesto” uses pureed sun dried tomatoes, roasted red pepper, fresh basil, and other ingredients to pack a fresh, scrumptious punch. With the magic of starchy pasta water, your noodles will be evenly bedecked with this perfectly textured sauce. Next time you want something simple yet novel, try this out! 

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