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Fruit Matters

Nothing is more important than how we treat our vines. The wine we create is a direct result of what we put into the ground. Our most impactful decisions are driven by quality and made in the vineyard. We grow 100 percent of the grapes we use for our wine production in our certified sustainable estate vineyard. We strive to make outstanding wines, which can only be done if we have outstanding fruit.

Our winemaker lives on the property making it possible to pay meticulous attention to every detail. Our goal is to produce quality grapes, which in turn makes quality wine. Countless hours are spent checking on the vineyard, watering and nurturing the vines, paying close attention to the temperature and adjusting accordingly. Our grapes are hand-picked and then immediately brought to our crew. With our amazing team and knowledgeable winemaker, we are able to produce distinctive and unique attributes in our wine.


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