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Ruby Hill Winery
July 5, 2024 | Ruby Hill Winery

A July Sunrise in the Vineyard

Every year, July brings sunshine and heat into the vineyard. This week, we stepped into the vineyard in the picturesque morning hours to catch the beauty of this season as the sunrise spread across each block of the estate. Scroll along this gallery to join us!

These young Cabernet vines are thriving. Later on in the growing season, we will drop fruit from the vines and leave only a few clusters so the vines can concentrate the flavor and health of the clusters that remain. 

Across the estate, the fruit has set into healthy green clusters, which will continue growing before turning into their mature colors later on in the season.

Most of our blocks still have a full canopy of leaves. We will strategically remove leafy growth later in the season to aid ripening, but during our current heatwave, the fruit has shelter!

The vineyard is a place of peacefulness and serene movement. We captured this pinwheel of morning light bursting through one row, dappling sunshine across the soil. 

These healthy Zinfandel clusters have a beautiful vantage point on the estate, nestled in between owl boxes and the peacock patch.

It is always a delight to see vines as happy as this Cabernet Sauvignon, growing without hesitation. 

These juvenile Petite Sirah clusters are right at home in the sparkle of light in the morning haze. 

What’s a California vineyard without a deliciously reliable Cabernet Sauvignon? These gorgeous vines help make it possible. 

These robust Sangiovese vines are full of potential and promise for the harvest season. Sangio lovers, rejoice!

A closer look at the Sangiovese shows just how prolific and happy this varietal is in our vineyard. 

The golden glow of sunrise brings out the best in our vineyard, particularly in this season. Thank you for joining us for this virtual walk!

Want to see the beauty up close for yourself? Our popular MCVE Bus tour takes you behind hte scenes and into the vineyard. Learn more here



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