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September 23, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Wine Inspiration For Plant Lovers

The third week of September is National Indoor Plant Week! For all our wine-loving plant moms, plant dads, and anyone else with a green thumb, this blog is for you. We’ve selected wines that match the personality of 9 common houseplants, since nothing can liven up a room quite like them!

Fiddle Leaf Fig  -

This gorgeous green beauty is hard to conceal, with its large shiny leaves and calming poise. We are reminded of the shine of our Jewel Chardonnay, always ready to catch your eye. 

Monstera Deliciosa -

Don’t let the “monstera” deceive you! Also called the “Swiss Cheese Plant” this easygoing houseplant is reminiscent of our Sangiovese: fun, quirky, and approachable for everyone. 

Peace Lily -

As its name suggests, this plant beautifully represents peacefulness, purity, and healing. Something so light and graceful is an excellent partner to our Sauvignon Blanc

Air Plant - 

The tiny miracles known as Air Plants don’t ask much from you. These stylish beauties look fabulous and don’t even require soil! We like that attitude--it’s just like our Cabernet Sauvignon.  

Golden Pothos - 

The Pothos goes by many intriguing names, including the Marble Queen and Money Plant. The beautiful designs and tenacious color are reminiscent of our Peacock Patch Zinfandel.  

Mini Cactus - 

They’re beyond cute, maybe a little prickly, but in a way we love! If you love a mini cactus, then something bold and fun like Riverbed Red might be right for you!

Snake Plant - 

Some argue that snake plants deserve the title of being the perfect houseplant, with some of the easiest care of all. When you want something delightful and easy, it’s time for Grapeful Red

String of Hearts - 

This one is for all of the romantic plant lovers! Heart-shaped leaves growing along a vine like beads on a string are your plant’s way of expressing love. Sweet romance? That calls for our Solera Dessert Wine!

Mini Succulents - 

Quaint and quintessential, miniature succulents like zebra plants, little missy, baby jade, and more are always a nice way to brighten a room and lift your spirits--just like a good Sparkling Wine!

This week, make sure to celebrate the little things that lighten up your life!


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