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February 4, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Wine Words for Wordle

The deceptively simple online word game known as “Wordle”  has captured the attention of millions. Each day, a players work to solve a new mystery 5-letter word, with each player endowed with 6 guesses and hints along the way. A new puzzle is released each day, and for many it has become a daily challenge and treat. Following its public debut in November of 2021, Wordle has already risen to global popularity and has even been adapted to over 40 languages. Since we love to play games Ruby Hill style, it’s time to enjoy Wordle with words from the wine world! These words can be great for getting out of a rut, finding a new starting word, or eliminating extraneous vowels or consonants so you can find the solution you long for. 

Taste - an easy word to play, and an delicious pastime for wine

World - Do you prefer old-world or new-world style? How about unique combinations of consonants? 

Pinot - a French word accepted by Wordle because Pinot is too good to leave out.

Wines - a personal favorite word of ours, for obvious reasons. 

Viola - the Cielo Viola is a Club-member favorite, and we can’t resist one of those 3-vowel words.

Patch - the Peacock Patch is one of our most iconic wines, and this word is great for practicing consonant combinations. 

Oaken - the best kind of opening word is rich with vowels, and the best kind of wine barrel is an oaken one

Table - table wines are worth drinking, we promise. Life is too short to take too seriously.

Sweet - Dessert wine, anyone? Don’t be thrown off by double letters, they’re legal!

Grape - just another favorite of ours, along with the next one

Fruit - have you ever thought this word looks a little weird?

Yeast - this magic bacteria is responsible for fermentation, making wine possible--and has 3 vowels. 

Jewel - our Jewel Collection wines stand out from the crowd, and may help you pin down that pesky W.

Pours - a flight of 4 pours is good company for a relaxing afternoon

Petit - yet another French word adopted by the Wine World and the English language. Thank you, Petit Verdot!

Block - every vineyard block is unique, and you never know when a word like this might come in handy. 

Xylem - part of the system that moves nutrients through vines (and yes, this is a valid word in Wordle!)

Corks - are we the only ones thrown off by words with “k” in them?

Aroma - for figuring out where on earth the “a” might belong

Blend - a balanced wine, and a good way to narrow down the consonants you might use

Color - Do you drink red, rosé, or white? Are the squares green, yellow, or gray?

Blush - a beautiful color for wine, and maybe a reaction to missing the word--again

Press - double letters might be an extra challenge, but don’t feel too pressed to be perfect

Yield - a three-vowel word that also makes us think about how many tons of grapes were harvested this year

Silky - a great mouthfeel for a wine, and a good way to figure out consonant combination!

Chill - good instructions for drinking wines and for relaxing with today’s puzzle

Plonk - a fun, funky word for cheap wine that is perfect in your wordle repertoire.  

Light - whether it’s a light wine in color of body, we’re sure it pairs well with a Wordle. 

Break - bud break is one of the most exciting stages of growth in the vineyard.

Spicy - this word is nice to have around when the letter “c” and vowels are around, and when describing a zany red wine!

Heavy - a nice weight on the palate, and a nice way to use three vowels. 

Swirl - get a sense of the aroma and legs of your wine, and the placement of consonants in your word!

Will you incorporate these words into your strategy? We’d love to see how you do! Tag us @rubyhillwines



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