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February 9, 2024 | Ruby Hill Winery

True Love: Wine & Cheese

In honor of Valentine’s day, we’re celebrating the soulmates of the fine food world: wine and cheese. There’s no denying that they are an exemplary couple! True love makes each individual better, and that’s exactly what you taste when a wine meets the perfect cheese. This week, we gathered some of our tasting room ambassadors to play matchmaker, sharing their favorite duos of Ruby Hill wine with exceptional cheese.

The superstar of pairings is our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine can go steady with a manchego, asiago, aged cheddar, or a black pepper BellaVitano for a flavor combination that will have you reaching for more!

Lauri recommends pairing a bold asiago with our Reserve Petite Sirah for a deep, rich combination. Rick is partial to a high-quality manchego, which he recommends alongside Petite Sirah or one of our heavier blends, such as Riverbed Red. Manchego will absorb tannin, so don’t be afraid to go bold!

Karen enjoys the combination of Peacock Patch Zin and a black pepper cheese like BellaVitano. Paul is partial to a nice smoky cheddar with our Peacock. Both of these mouthwatering combinations are a match made in heaven. 

For our white wine lovers, Sue recommends complementing your Chardonnay with a mild stilton with apricots, or a baked brie with fig jam. Anything luscious and creamy, like a swiss cheese, will have your tastebuds singing! For Sauvignon Blanc, Ami suggests pairing up with a lemon zest infused chevre. 

For those who like to balance their sweet tooth with something savory and satisfying, Ami and Karen recommend pairing our Solera Dessert wine, the wine of the month, with a blue cheese. For this combination, Lauri suggests a Maytag Blue, but a Stilton will do as well!

All of the cheeses in the Ruby Hill deli are right at home with a wine pairing. The Garlic BellaVitano, for example, has a pizza-esque quality, making it the ideal mate for our Grapeful Red. Our Champagne-infused Yancey’s Fancy cheese is fittingly enjoyable with our Sparkling wine. The Balsamic BellaVitano, often featured on our bus tour menu, makes an agreeable companion for any red wine of your choosing!

We hope you’ll indulge in these pairings. You’ll know you’ve found a lovely wine and cheese match when they are better together when they are apart. Your senses will buzz!


If Valentine’s day isn’t your thing, this guide is also perfect for putting together a cheese board for the big game this Sunday—or any occasion, for that matter. Cheers!

We invite you to share your favorite pairings with us: @rubyhillwines



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