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March 17, 2023 | Ruby Hill Winery

The Best Wines for Game Night

It is time for a game night? While we wait on the spring weather to chase away the rain and clouds, we’re appreciating our favorite indoor activities. This week, we are having some fun with creating “pairings” of wine and games. These classic games are good for playing with family and friends, and sharing a bottle of wine together makes the moments sweeter! Here are the wines to open on game night:

Wine & Game Pairing 1: Sparkling Wine & Blackjack

Sometimes, you just need something that isn’t complicated. These offer good, straightforward fun in the form of a classic.

Wine & Game Pairing 2: Sangiovese & Gin Rummy

Pair this distinct red with a classic card game for two! We like these because they are approachable and adaptable, easily enjoyed by amateurs and aficionados alike. 

Wine & Game Pairing 3: Cuvée Dray & Clue

We like this combo for when we’re feeling inquisitive and want  to “sniff out” the perpetrator in a classic mystery game! Clue-ve Dray, anyone?

Wine & Game Pairing 4: Grapeful Red & Uno

Both of these are here for you when you want to have some easy colorful fun. Whether you play a wild card or get hit with a draw 4, it’s simple and entertaining.

Wine & Game Pairing 5: Chardonnay & Monopoly 

What’s a classic that can be strangely polarizing? These both are! Best thing is, however, they’re both worth taking some time to appreciate and savor. 

Wine & Game Pairing 6: Peacock Patch Zinfandel and Rook 

For this pairing, we are leaning into our bird appreciation. This trick-taking game encourages you to have fun getting into the heads of your fellow players. 

Wine & Game Pairing 7: Reserve Petite Sirah & Cards Against Humanity 

These two are perfect for moments you want to lean into your dark side a bit! This combo is rich with flavor, laughter, and opportunities for your next inside joke. 

Wine & Game Pairing 8: Jewel Petit Verdot & Trivial Pursuit

Both of these cater to the group that has an appreciation for the power of subtleties and knowledge. Bonus points for enjoying your wine with a cheese cut into wedges!

Wine & Game Pairing 9: Intesa & Quiddler

If you want a fun word game that doesn't force you to pull out a dictionary, Quiddler is a nice intellectual and niche option, pairing well with our Cab-Barbera blend Intesa. 

Wine & Game Pairing 10: Riverbed Red & Settlers of Catan

For when you want something that is deliciously complex and not always for the faint of heart, go for this rich combination. 

Wine & Game Pairing 11: Jewel Petite Sirah & Risk

When you are ready to take some time, savor, and strategize, then you need a wine that’s up to that challenge. This pairing is an alliance that won’t let you down!

Wine & Game Pairing 12: Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon & Checkers

Sometimes, you want something that’s just plain classic, and this combination can do that. Get kinged while enjoying the king of wines! 

We hope you’ll make some memories, savor some triumphant wins, delicious wines, and delightful company.



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