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Ruby Hill Winery
September 30, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Spotlight on Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet is king for a reason. Like most of us, it loves the weather in California and enjoys a nice steak dinner. We are celebrating our award-winning 2018 Reserve Collection Cabernet Sauvignon by unpacking the tasting notes you can expect while enjoying this wine. 



Delicate and packed with flavor, marionberry notes emphasize the depth of a wine from aroma to finish. 




The bright and snappy notes of raspberry entice the nose and balances the luxe mouthfeel, rounding out the experience.



Hazelnut Chocolate

Toasted hazelnut meets rich chocolate notes in this irresistible sweet, the profile of which dances in the flavor of this wine. 



Dark Fruit

Plush dark fruit notes like plum, huckleberry, and blackberry are characteristic of many deep, luxurious reds. 




These slight yet intriguing and savory herb notes add complexity to the flavor profile and finish of ageable Cabs like this one. 



We recommend pairing this wine with bacon-wrapped sausages, blackened chicken, steak salad with gorgonzola and black pepper, or double chocolate cake. Don’t miss out: today is the very last day to purchase our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon during our Wine of the Month sale!


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