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Ruby Hill Winery
March 5, 2021 | Ruby Hill Winery

Smiles Too Wide to Hide

Amid the twists, turns, and surprises of the last year, it seems some days that there's a deficit of smiles in our daily interactions. Here at Ruby Hill, we always hope to brighten up your day. We've always said that smiles are the best accessory. Since we take the health and safety of our associates and visitors seriously, we've covered our faces—but we're still grinning. This week, we're bringing together science and experience to reflect on some reasons to smile, even behind our masks. While we're at it, we've caught some of our staff"s lovely smiles on camera. 


Smiles can come in all forms, shapes and sizes, and for every reason. We visited the tasting room this week to ask the staff what had made them smile lately. Riley, our club manager, mentioned her dog, a spirited boxer who's always ready to take attention and give a smile. Another staff member, Stacy, is an elementary school teacher and spoke of how her students make her smile with their enthusiasm for returning to school. Olivia, one of our tasting room helpers, mentioned that her friends make her smile with their humor and sincere support. The list could go on. Of course, few things make us smile quite like opening our favorite wines.

As it turns out, even if it feels hidden, masks can't stop authentic smiles. Just like you can hear someone's smile when talking on the phone, smiles can be heard behind the mask. If you ever feel disconnected from others, smile as you speak and listen for their smile. Smiling as you interact with someone can actually change your mood and perception, as well as theirs. This is great news because even small moments of social contact help improve physical and mental health, including boosting immunity and reducing stress. 


One element of the smile even stronger than the sound is the way that smiles are seen in your eyes. Humans are incredibly adept at reading the eyes of others. In fact, the eyes are one of few places where true emotions can't effectively be hidden. You may not realize that the little crinkle at the corners of your eyes is what a person needs today, and what you need too. Masks can filter out some fake smiles, but can’t hide the real ones that creep up and shine through the eyes. 


Smiles are like a little boost to both brain and body. Psychological research has found that social body language that seems to have little to do with smiling, like waving, is actually enhanced by the presence of a smile (even if the smile is obscured by a mask). Not only does your smile power-up your wave, it powers you up. Studies have found that engagement with others simply makes us feel better, whether we're introverted or extroverted. 

Thanks to a social brain quirk known as "mirror neurons," our smiles can trigger positive emotions in others and in ourselves—even if the smile was fake at first! If you want to smile, do it. We promise it’s not wasted.
We hope we can put a smile on your face if we haven't already. Feel free to visit us any day of the week! Wave hello, tell your favorite joke, or take a moment of gratitude to smile about someone you love. We'd love it if you shared your smiles with us, @rubyhillwines.


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