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Ruby Hill Winery
September 9, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Re-Live Memories With Library Wines

     Have you ever had a moment in time that you wish you could freeze? A day you wish you could savor longer? Memories of these landmark events in our lives: a marriage, an important business accomplishment, a graduation, the birth of a child, and more carry us through difficult seasons and remind us why we do what we do. This incorporeal nostalgia is inexplicable and incredibly powerful, and this is the nostalgia that we like to store in bottles of wine. 

     Time is a crucial element in every area of life, including the wines we enjoy. Though many wines are ready to drink the day they are purchased, the truth is that modern wine bottles are designed with aging in mind. The anatomy of a wine bottle is such that when stored on its side, the wine is in contact with the cork, limiting air leakage and oxidation. As the bottle rests peacefully, tiny natural changes transform the wine little by little. 

     Memories take us back to a single moment in time, but also gain meaning overtime and remind us of the significance of maturity. Just like memories, wines have a twofold nature: the character of the wine when it was bottled, and what it earns along the way through maturation. An air of wisdom comes with time, expressing itself more dynamically with new and fascinating layers of taste. In fact, some characteristics can only be found with time, but whether you age a little or a lot is up to your personal palate. 

     Every moment until the cork is popped, the wine is changing ever so slightly and coming into its own, so it’s important to select the right one: one that will grow up into a mature and flavorful finish and allow you to reminisce. If you are choosing wines to age, look less at the price and more at the quality and your personal nostalgia. 

      Wine is so much more than a beverage to pair with your food. Allow wine to take you down memory lane. It is patient. If a year holds special significance, hang on to high-quality wines from that vintage. Buy a case of your favorite and open a bottle each time you reach a significant milestone, weaving the story and progress of that wine into your own story and progress.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the story of wine, then we have an event for you! We have opened up our own Library of special wines from the past, and they will be available for sale only at these events! Celebrate nostalgia and reminisce over some fantastic wines with unbeatable sales at Retro Night on September 17th.

Tickets available now. Click here!


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