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June 3, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

National Cheese Day with Ruby Hill Winery

        Did you know that June 4th is National Cheese day? It’s time to celebrate the true royalty of the dairy family, the deliciously versatile goodness that is cheese. To commemorate this excellently cheesy holiday, we asked a handful of our tasting room staff what their favorite combinations were so we can put together a guide of pairing all-stars that will have your tastebuds dancing every time. Exquisite cheeses and elegant wines? Sign us up!

Sandi - Sparkling Wine & Tennessee Whiskey BellaVitano.

Both members of this pairing are your allies when you want a delicious combination. Sparkling Wine is friendly to flavors of all kinds and few cheeses pair with a wider range of wines than BellaVitano. 

Paul - Intesa & Chevre

Our Club-Exclusive blends offer some of the very best pairing potential with their layered flavor dynamics. We recommend a truffle-infused chevre goat cheese with this beloved blend of Cabernet and Barbera. 

Olivia - Reserve Sauvignon Blanc & Buttery Chive Plant-Based Cheese

This option is a perfect go-to for a golden sip of summertime, suited for anyone who appreciates a good pairing and prefers to avoid animal products. This elegantly flavorful cheese is made from cashews and is 100% vegan.

Ami - Jewel Petit Verdot &  Bleu Cheese

If this pairing is a little outside of your comfort zone, then prepare to be blown away by the harmony of flavors. This pairing strikes an unforgettable balance and will have you reaching for more!

Karen - Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon & Sharp Aged Cheddar

Our Reserve Cabernet is a tried-and true quintessential favorite, and this pairing makes it shine all the more. Choose your favorite bold cheddar to enjoy alongside the rich party of tannin and flavor.

Jeanne S - Sparkling Wine & Manchego 

Further proving the reliability of Sparkling Wine, the creamy, salty-sweet dynamics of manchego shine alongside crisp bubbles. This combination is clean and simple: nibble, sip repeat. 

Diane - Grapeful Rosé & Burrata

This combination is especially appropriate now that the weather is warming up. Enjoy the floral aroma and crisp profile of our iconic Rosé with the fresh creaminess of a lush buttery burrata.

Sue - Jewel Cabernet Sauvignon & Black Pepper BellaVitano

Black pepper is a Cabernet’s best friend, and this is no exception. We are so delighted to have welcomed a new vintage of Jewel Cab to the tasting room that it’s a wonder anything could improve it, but this cheese completes the picture magnificently.

        Here at Ruby Hill, cheese is the penultimate companion of wine (step aside, chocolate). When sweets just won’t do, savory is here for you. Come visit our team in the tasting room and enjoy pairings like these straight from the source! Our deli case is stocked with delicious snacks and the wine is always ready to flow!


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