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June 4, 2021 | Ruby Hill Winery

Making a Wine Lover's Playlist

For any wine lover looking to add new music to their listening rotation, we’ve got the perfect list for you. Whether you’re looking for songs for a dinner party, a cookout, or something in between, there’s something here for you. From every era and genre, we’ve got our favorite songs for every event and emotion. As Billy Joel Sings, “A bottle of red, a bottle of white, whatever kind of mood you're in tonight.” 

Hey Brother, Pour the Wine - Dean Martin (1959)

A romantic vintage jaunt celebrating love and wine, this song brings to mind a warm evening on a gorgeous terrace, overlooking a flourishing vineyard. 

The Days of Wine and Roses - Henry Mancini (1962)

Covered by nearly every iconic crooner, this affectionate song is perfect for slow dancing. (Try the version by Joe Pass for a swanky instrumental take on the song.)

How Does the Wine Taste - Barbara Streisand (1964)

This brassy and victorious take on a song from a forgotten musical called “We Take the Town” brings to mind the yearning of new love. 

Tiny Bubbles - Don Ho (1966)

This timeless song celebrates one of our favorite things: bubbles in our wine. There’s nothing quite as charming and celebratory as a glass of sparkling wine. 

Lips of Wine - Dennis Brown (1972)

This reggae rendition has such perfect rhythm you won’t be able to keep your foot from tapping. Don’t be afraid to sing along!

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel (1977)

This medley masterpiece is a lonely piano ballad, joyful Dixieland jazz, and a rock-and-roll celebration all in one. 

Winelight - Grover Washington Jr (1980)

A relaxed, intoxicating jazz track that makes you want to take another sip and dance a bit. Don’t be too surprised if you want to put this one on repeat all evening. 

Red Red Wine - UB40 (1988)

Though it was originally performed by Neil Diamond, this version is a laid back reggae jam. This rendition gained wild popularity, and it deserves it. 

Lilac Wine - Elkie Brooks (1994)

This ballad speaks of lost love and reminiscence, perfect for dreamy summer evenings. Good for remembering the past without losing the hope of the future. 

Good Friend and a Glass of Wine - LeAnn Rimes (2007)

It’s what everyone needs these days, isn’t it? Just like wine, this classic is best enjoyed with a friend or two. 

For the First Time - The Script (2010)

At once captivating and cathartic, this pop rock song is all about going back to basics and reconnecting with people you’ve missed. 

Wine and Chocolates - Theophilus London (2011)

What says “I love you” better than wine and chocolate at your doorstep? Enjoy the flow of this song alongside your favorite semisweet and a glass of red. 

You Taste Like Wine - The Collection (2017)

A danceable and joyous song, this indie-folk piece celebrates the taste of love and the taste of wine—a few of our favorite things. 

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