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January 22, 2021 | Recipes & Pairings | Ruby Hill Winery

Introducing the New Ruby Hill Riverbed Red

       Here at Ruby Hill Winery, we are always looking to dazzle our patrons with delicious and exciting wines. This month, we are thrilled to announce our all-new Riverbed Red! This 2018 red blend will join our repertoire of magnificent Club-exclusive wines. 

        The Riverbed Red is comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Petite Sirah. The nose is rich with notes of dark fruit, cocoa, chocolate and plums. On the palate, this wine has a huge mouthfeel and lively flavors of fruit and wild blueberries. The acidity is well balanced, and the tannins are smoothing out and will continue to integrate. Hints of oak and cocoa mingle to bring out a trace of s'mores in the long finish.

        Unveiling the Riverbed Red has put us in a celebratory mood. To commemorate this event, we’ve collected up recipes to make a 3-course meal to perfectly compliment this new wine. 


Appetizer: Brie Crostini with Prosciutto & Honey
recipe from Platings and Pairings

We are in love with this mouthwatering combination of creamy, salty, and sweet. Unbelievably easy to put together and perfectly classy, it’s an ideal treat to start off your evening. The tannins in the Riverbed Red pair perfectly with a plump, soft brie, complimented by the sweetness of the honey. 




Entree: New York Strip Steak with Lyonnaise Potatoes

recipe from Chef Billy Parsi

​This entree is a scrumptious, careful take on classic meat and potatoes. The Riverbed Red stands up to the salt and pepper crust on the steak, and the fruitiness of the wine is an excellent companion to the flavor of the strip steak. The big mouthfeel pairs with the heartiness of this entree, and the balanced acidity harmonizes with the rich lyonnaise potatoes.



Dessert: Espresso Cocoa Truffles
recipe from JavaCupcake

For dessert, we’ve chosen truffles, our favorite decadent delight. Not only are these truffles surprisingly easy to make at home, they are a lovely conclusion to a hearty meal. These truffles incorporate espresso, combining our favorite things: wine, chocolate, and coffee. These bits of goodness bring out the cocoa, dark fruit, and toasted notes of the Riverbed Red, and that’s enough to put us in a state of pure bliss. 

We are thrilled to debut this marvellous wine!



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