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March 26, 2021 | Ruby Hill Winery

Golden Wine from a Wild Vine

Here at Ruby Hill Winery, Sauvignon Blanc is a family favorite. Its crisp, floral, fruity notes are perfect for celebrating the arrival of spring, but we have no trouble enjoying it all year long. We think that Sauvignon Blanc is a fascinating varietal, so we've rounded up some facts you might not know about this delectable white!

Sauvignon Blanc vines grow with determination

Hailing from the Bordeaux region of France, this vine earned the title "sauvignon" from the French word sauvage which can be translated as "wild, untamed, or feral." This name came from the vigor with which the vines grow, requiring careful maintenance to keep them in line. Literally translated, Sauvignon Blanc is "the wild white." Here at Ruby Hill, it goes by the nickname "Sauv Blanc" or sometimes even "Sauvvy-B."

Sauvignon Blanc is the mother of a classic

According to genetic analysis performed by researchers at UC Davis, Sauvignon Blanc vines played an important role in the creation of the most popular varietal in the world. Their findings showed that sometime in the 1600s, a Sauvignon Blanc cross-pollinated with a Cabernet Franc vine, producing the very first vine of Cabernet Sauvignon. It's likely this cross-breeding was by chance, but it was an accident of the best kind in our book!

Sauvingon Blanc is different around the world

This beloved wild white is grown all around the world, including France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Chile, South Africa, and Australia (to name a few). With over 275,000 acres planted worldwide, it is the 8th-most grown wine grape in the world. Because of the delicate complexities of Sauv Blanc, there are region-specific characteristics that vary from country to country. When grown in colder areas, the wine will usually have more flavors of lime or green apple, while the wine of warmer regions may have notes of ripe passionfruit and peaches.

Tasting Sauvignon Blanc can expand your vocabulary

Well, sort of! Sauvingon Blanc was the first wine to be regularly described in terms of a unique chemical compound. Some of the flavors that are completely unique to Sauvignon Blanc are owed to substances called methoxypyrazines. This component of the wine is what causes the hallmark notes of Sauvignon Blanc, often described as herbaceous, grassy, or as having notes of gooseberry or even asparagus. 

Sauvignon Blanc is a polished pairing 

The reliably crisp nature of Sauvignon Blanc is owed to the combination of its higher acidity and fairly low sugar content. Sauv Blanc is known as an enjoyable pairing for sushi which is notoriously difficult for wine pairings. It is hard to go wrong when pairing Sauvignon Blanc with soft ripened cheeses or white meats, especially if served in a creamy sauce. Green herbs like mint or basil form a pleasant flavor bridge between the dish and the herbaceous notes of the wine. If you're looking for a pairing for Ruby Hill Winery's Sauvignon Blanc, we think this wine shines when paired with Artichoke Crab Paella.

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We think it's time to go pour a glass. Our Reserve Sauvingon Blanc is on sale for only a couple more days! Enjoy our fusion of old-world style and crisp tropical refreshment for only $20.



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