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February 5, 2021 | Ruby Hill Winery

Give Love, Give Wine

     It's almost Valentine's Day! No matter your relationship status, this holiday is a perfect time to spread some love. Whether you're giving to coworkers, friends, or a special someone, we think the best gift to give (and receive) is a beautiful bottle of wine! Since we're all about personal touch, we've come up with a few special ways to gift wrap any wine bottle. Most of our wrapping paper and gift bags are covered in reindeer and candy canes anyway!

     We love roses at Valentine's day, but we love rosé even more! To wrap our Grapeful Rosé, we created a paper sculpture out of some colorful tie dye stationery. You can use plain white paper, decorated stationery, or even paper with a custom written message. This elegant sculpture is simple, affordable, and classy. To download a printable template for this sculpture, click here

     This lovely, rustic gift (with a Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon hiding inside) was created from a reused paper grocery bag and a small bundle of strawflower blooms. To use the grocery bag, simply cut out the bottom, roll up the bottle, and cut off the excess as needed. Feel free to design the paper however you like! For the floral element, blooms like strawflowers are resillient and ideal for wrapping, but any fresh flowers would work. Tie the flowers around the neck of the bottle with some tulle and you've got the perfect personal touch! 

     It's still winter, but this bottle of Cielo Viola won't tremble in the cold! If you've done some closet cleaning lately and have any long sleeved garments making their way to the donate pile, try upcycling. The bell-sleeve of this knit sweater gives a hint of coziness and style!

     Lastly, choose a bottle that just begs to be shown off! Instead of wrapping up this Peacock Patch Zinfandel, we let its natural beauty do the work. This pearlesque peacock is eye-catching all on its own. For a little pizzaz, we've wrapped the neck of the bottle in a coordinated satin ribbon and accented with pale statice flowers. 

     No matter how beautiful the wrapping, the most exciting part of gifting wine is opening it up, especially if it means sharing with someone you love. We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day!

We hope that you'll recommend Ruby Hill to your friends and loved ones--in fact, if they join the club, both you and them will earn 500 bonus Grape Rewards Loyalty Points! To learn more about our loyalty program, click here


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