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Ruby Hill Winery
July 16, 2021 | Ruby Hill Winery

Don't Miss the Bus: The Mello Cielo Returns

Welcome aboard! It has been a blast to welcome back our retro bus, the beloved Mello Cielo, and we're proud to announce the return of our Mello Cielo Vineyard Experience, a tour unlike any other.  
On your tour, you'll have a chance to experience an inside look into the beauty of our wine-making process. From the scenic, serene vineyards to the thousands of barrels nestled in our production facility, you'll experience it all. And did we mention the wine? You'll have a chance to sip on most of our favorites along the way!The Mello Cello is a 1980's school bus with a storied past. After school bus service, it had a second life as a touring bus for a group of Dead Heads, who were among the droves of fans who followed the Grateful Dead on their tours. Later, this bus was restored once more, this time into its current form. The complete refitting of the bus included adding wine barrel seats, meticulously detailed metalwork, and a custom paint job, turning this vessel into a work of art. On this journey, your driver is your guide and resource. Knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable, every driver infuses the experience with their own flair, so feel free to take the tour again and again! You might learn about the history of the Estate, the process and science of winemaking, or why vines love the Livermore Valley so much. If you're lucky, you might learn a little bit of everything!One of the most noteworthy wines you will have a chance to enjoy on your tour will come right out of the barrel. This barrel tasting is an exclusive view into the story and process of crafting your favorite Ruby Hill Wines. When you step into the production facility, you are stepping behind the scenes, where the magic really happens. As you continue to ride through the vineyards, you'll have opportunities to stop and take in the rich, picturesque views of the Livermore Valley. The gentle, rolling hills and the curling vines laden with fruit are steeped in history and always ready to be enjoyed. The final stop on the journey is inside our Estate's historic Water Tower, where you'll be seated and treated to a flight of wines featuring favorites from each of our collections, alongside delectable food offerings. Your guide will walk you through the story and characteristics of each wine. Upon your return to the tasting room, your tour will finish with a flourish as you enjoy our Solera Dessert wine. Cheers!

Our Mello Cielo Vineyard Experience is now available for booking! If you are interested, call the tasting room at (925) 931-9463 or send us a message at events@rubyhillwinery.net anytime. 


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