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Ruby Hill Winery
October 29, 2021 | Ruby Hill Winery

Classic Monsters and Favorite Wines

What would Dracula drink? In the spirit of Halloween this coming Sunday, we're in the mood for some spooky sipping. As the creepy crawlies and classic monsters come out to party, we're setting up wine pairings for them! At Ruby Hill Winery, we believe that anyone can appreciate a good wine. Read on, if you dare, as we embrace these ghoulish pairings. 

The Witches and Wizards of the halloween scene
Are brewing a potion with a sparkly sheen. 
A sweet drop of Solera and with a splash of Sparkling. 

The Vampire next door with his sharp smiling maw
Reaches for the deepest red you ever saw. 
The deep-dark richness of our Petite Sirah.

The poor Zombie who has lost his mind, 
Prefers a fine Library Collection wine.
Though once it was gone, now again it's alive.

The friendly Ghost is no friend of plonk, 
Its fine wine favorite is a Sauvignon Blanc.
Nearly transparent but still a jackpot. 

The ancient Mummy emerges from his tomb
To sip on a Sangiovese stored for his use. 
The old-world style removing his gloom.

The Werewolf shivers before break of day
Enjoying the wine of furry friends, Cuvee Dray.
The full moon is coming, but he's here to stay.

The Yeti appears, giving all a good fright,
Looking for any wine cold and bright,
Finding the Jewel Chardonnay perfect tonight.

Finally Frankenstein joins the whole lot,
For him, the Patchwork just hits the spot. 
And everyone sips the wine they have sought.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Ruby Hill Winery!


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