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February 12, 2021 | Recipes & Pairings | Ruby Hill Winery

Chocolate and Wine: Perfect Parings

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." -Charles M. Schulz

Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and Citrus-Infused White Chocolate

The name of the game with Sauvignon Blanc is light, bright, and fruity. With a refreshing nose of stone fruit, guava, and passionfruit, our Reserve Sauvignon Blanc does not disappoint. The soft sweetness of white chocolate accented with lightly tart citrus is a perfect compliment, emphasizing the balanced acidity and classic expression of Sauvignon Blanc characteristics. 

Intesa and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Intesa belongs to our collection of Wine Club exclusive wines. It is a blend of Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon, which come together harmoniously with warm notes and rich fruit flavors laced throughout. When enjoyed alongside hazelnut truffles, this blend compliments the toasted nuttiness of the hazelnut while balancing the sweetness of the milk chocolate. 

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Chocolate Covered Cherries 

Cherries of many kinds are suited for delectable wine pairings, but none quite as much as cherries coated in luscious semisweet chocolate. Our velvety Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon has natural hints of cocoa and black fruit, creating the perfect bridge of flavor when enjoyed with fine chocolate covered cherries. 

Jewel Zinfandel and Caramel Filled Chocolate

There is nothing quite like the toasty sweetness of deluxe caramel. Once paired with our Jewel Zinfandel, however, there's no going back to enjoying that caramel delight on its own. The jammy berries, peppery nuance, and fresh acidity elevate the experience. Our Jewel Zinfandel has both sweetness and spice, making its duet with caramel chocolate nothing short of luxurious. 

Grapeful Rosé and Raspberry Dark Chocolate

The crisp acidity of Grapeful Rosé is enjoyable any day, in addition to being the perfect beverage for Valentine's day. The notes of stone fruit in our Grapeful Rosé are delightfully enhanced by sweet raspberry infused chocolate. We've selected intense dark chocolate for this pairing because Rosé shines superbly against the rich bitterness of dark chocolate.

Reserve Chardonnay and White Chocolate Strawberries 

If there were any lingering doubts, this duo will prove that wine and chocolate pairings aren't only for red wines and darker chocolate. Allow the delicate honeycomb and orange blossom notes of the wine to mingle with the natural sweetness bursting from a ripe strawberry bathed in luscious white chocolate. We promise this delight will taste like it is made to partner perfectly with our beautifully aromatic and buttery Reserve Chardonnay. 

Solera in Perpetuum and Salted Dark Chocolate

When it comes time to order dessert, we're most likely to choose the classic combination of excellent dark chocolate and a superior Port-style wine. We suggest premium dark chocolate, enhanced with a few flakes of fleur de sel. When paired with the unparalleled quality of our sweet Solera Dessert Wine, it will taste just like falling in love.

For a limited time, our Solera Dessert Wine is available for only $25 per bottle. Order yours now!


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