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Ruby Hill Winery
June 24, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Bigger and Better: All About Magnum Wines

June 2022 is our month to celebrate magnum wine bottles, the grandiose double-bottle beauties that every cellar needs! Magnums are more than a bigger bottle, they offer delicious benefits unique to this format, enticing the senses and elevating your wine experience with flavor and flair. 

The Specs:

A magnum wine bottle is exactly double the volume of a standard bottle and can weigh in around 6 pounds. One standard bottle is 750 milliliters, while magnum bottles are 1.5 liters (1500 milliliters). If this is the case, why not just purchase 2 standard bottles? Simply put, magnums have more to offer than sheer lavish volume. 

The Quality:

The moment wine comes in contact with oxygen, a simple chemical process known as oxidation occurs. Every wine bottle has a minute quantity of air trapped inside due to the bottling process, but larger formats like magnums have less oxygen relative to the quantity of wine. This slows down oxidation, maintaining rich quality and aiding in proper maturation.  

The Future:

Magnums are ideally suited for aging for a future occasion. Steady maturation helps the wine reach its prime and stay there for years. Magnums also have the practical advantage of being more resistant to temperature fluctuations that could threaten wine quality because the higher volume takes longer to warm or cool.  

The Rarity:

Magnums themselves are a collectible item, especially from a local estate vineyard like Ruby Hill Winery. Only a few magnums of select vintages are ever produced, and each one is hand bottled by our winemaker’s team. Not only do they make excellent additions to private collections, they are also a great choice for generous gifts.

The Grandeur:

Bring out one of these beauties at an elegant wedding, milestone anniversary, or beautiful holiday celebration, and it fits right in! These impressive bottles hold their own and command just the right amount of attention with their opulent presence and luxurious quality. 

Don’t miss out on our special-priced magnums during Magnum Month! Call us at (925) 931-9463 to hear more about our deals and order now. Our Magnums can sell out fast so act now.  

If you want more, consider joining our Magnum Club. Enjoy all of the perks of being a Diamond Wine Club member, but receive an allotment of 2 magnums each quarter! You can learn more or sign up in the tasting room anytime.


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