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Ruby Hill Winery
May 7, 2021 | Ruby Hill Winery

A Wine Glass Bouquet

Spring is in full swing and summer is fast approaching here in the scenic Livermore Valley! We don’t want to let spring slip away without taking a few moments to stop and smell the roses. Admittedly, our favorite kind of "bouquet" is the collection of delicate aromas found in a glass of wine, but we’ve learned to appreciate the smell of the flowers themselves. Sometimes, the bouquet of a wine features floral characteristics, some of which may also appear on the palate. Tossing flowers into barrels is not a part of our process, so how do wines earn these lovely essences? The wine grapes themselves have a number of compounds in their pulp and skins which are also found in other plants, including aromatic flowers. Wines may be described as having notes of violet, lily-of-the-valley, iris, and many more. Several of the wines here at Ruby Hill Winery boast a flowery touch, making them a perfect wine for savoring the remainder of springtime. This week, we're reflecting on a few of these wines, and the symbolism behind their floral accents. 

Jewel Collection Petit Verdot and Lilacs

The Petit Verdot varietal is known for carrying an essence of violet amidst bold flavors. In addition to these delicate complexities, our Jewel Petit Verdot presents pleasant notes of lilac. Lilac flowers grow in fragrant bunches, blossoming for only 2 weeks in late spring. These blossoms are featured in Greek myth to represent the joy and first love of youth. In our Jewel Petit Verdot, we say that love has matured well!

Grapeful Rosé and Roses

Quite fittingly, our Grapeful Rosé is highly aromatic with the scent of roses, delighting one's senses with the classic fragrance. This wine is light, crisp, and refreshing, making it the ideal beverage for summer sipping. Our Rosé earns its color from the combination of Trebbiano, a white wine grape, with the rich purple-red hue of Petit Verdot. Pink roses can symbolize grace, admiration, loveliness, and thankfulness. Pink wine, on the other hand, symbolizes something delicious (in our opinion). 

Reserve Chardonnay and Honeysuckle

White wines generally offer an even broader selection of floral notes, and our Reserve Chardonnay is no exception. This rich and buttery Chardonnay has a gorgeous aroma, including layered honeysuckle, cloves, vanilla, wildflowers and lemon curd. The climbing vines of honeysuckle boast fragrant leaves in addition to their sweet-scented blossoms. These flowers are irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds, and add another lovely layer of appeal to our Reserve Chardonnay. 

Jewel Collection Chardonnay and Orange Blossoms

The semi-sweet citrus character of orange blossoms delicately frames the creamy flavors of butterscotch and s’mores on the palate as you enjoy this wine. For centuries, brides were adorned with orange blossoms which represented good luck, fertility, and innocence. Now, we appreciate the timeless enjoyment of our Jewel Chardonnay, which is a delight on the palate and perfect in every season.


Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, so it's the perfect time to find mom's favorite flowers and buy a wine to match! Is there any better gift?


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