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November 3, 2023 | Ruby Hill Winery

Unpacking Petite Sirah

       This November, we are taking time to celebrate our Wine of the Month: Reserve Petite Sirah. Not only has this delectable wine earned a 93-point score from Wine Enthusiast, it has gained popularity and attention from our beloved members and guests. This deep, rich red is especially perfect this time of year as the weather encourages us to stay inside and get cozy. This vintage overflows with flavors that complement the chill in the air, dense with warm, cozy flavors and a balanced body. If you haven't had a chance to taste our 2018 Reserve Petite Sirah, you can expect to be delighted when you do! In this blog, we are unpacking the tasting notes of this vintage, and exploring what makes Petite Sirah special. 

        It’s important to note that Petite Sirah is anything but “petite” on the palate. This name was earned in the late 1800s due to the size of the grapes themselves in comparison to Syrah grapes. It’s the small size and the relatively thick skin that gives Petite Sirah weather hardiness as well as the deeply rich tannins and flavor. Our 2018 Reserve Petite Sirah showcases this in notes of black pepper on the nose and mulling spices, dark chocolate, and black tea on the palate. These deep flavors are lightened by the fruit elements, reminiscent of French plum and blackberry, and are balanced by the oaky notes of toast, mulling spices, and vanilla. This vintage was aged in 60% new oak, a combination of French, American, and Hungarian, for 21 months before bottling.  

        The complexity and power within each bottle of our Petite Sirah are a product of varietal, terroir, and winemaking finesse. Even though Petite Sirah hails from France, the Californian climate is a happy place for the vines. Furthermore, the wine itself has found more of a foothold in New World markets rather than finding popularity in the Old World. Today, it is the 6th-most planted red varietal in California, a number which, in our opinion, should go up.

        Petite Sirah is known for its density, boldness, and body, and rightly so. Our 2018 Reserve Petite Sirah entices the senses with cozy layers of rich texture and deep flavor, from tea leaves to dark fruit and chocolate topped with vanilla and spice. Don’t miss this underappreciated varietal. You might just find a new favorite!

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