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January 12, 2024 | Ruby Hill Winery

A Mood-Boosting Guide to Mindfulness

This is our recipe for a fun 2024. If you’re already tired of chilly weather or worried about the twists and turns that the year might bring, you’re not alone. As each day goes by, however, we’re working to institute “random acts of wellness”—little doses of mindfulness that can brighten each day. For both the things we can work on and the things that are outside of our control, these simple and realistic actions may help you to feel ready to face each day, week, month, and year. 

Get Outside and Move. 

Even if the sun isn’t shining or the chill is getting to you, it’s worth it, believe us! The physical and psychological benefits of fresh air and movement is overwhelming. You don’t need to have a full workout on your front lawn (although that might be refreshing), just put on a coat, step outside, and breathe. Stretch a little, take a few steps, or go around the block and enjoy that energizing power.

Clean Something.

You don’t have to scrub and polish, just set a timer for 2-5 minutes and straighten something up! Do a little bit of tidying while listening to a favorite song, podcast, or audiobook. Research shows that cleaning is powerfully connected to improved mood and focus, so if you’re looking for a little act of wellness with good reward, this one is worth trying. Bonus points if you grab a friend, family, member, or coworker to join you and do the same.

Express Thankfulness. 

Next time you say “thank you” to someone, try to pause and dwell on your gratitude. Trust us, it’s closely connected with well-being. If you appreciate a sense of meaning or feel like you need a little boost, we recommend taking a moment to write down a couple things for which you’re thankful, or find a reason to write a thank-you note to someone. You don’t even need to send the note, although you may find another boost of joy in doing so!

Change your Scenery.

This is especially important for anyone feeling weighed down by a monotonous routine. Take your work or task to another room, or leave your work behind and spend 5 minutes with a cozy blanket. Try to find a room with natural light. Try putting on some music you enjoy. Sing along, even if it’s not great!

Try Something New.

Trying new things is a great way to make memories, stimulate creativity, and open the door to know yourself better! The gesture does not have to be grand. Try wearing something outside of your usual wardrobe, or find a recipe for something you’ve never cooked. If you usually drink white wine, try reds. If you usually walk for exercise, try biking.  Even if it doesn’t feel as comfortable as what’s familiar to you, it’s always worth trying!

Here at Ruby Hill Winery, walking through the vineyards, riding the bus, trying new varietals, and meeting with friends are some of our favorite mood-boosters. What are some random acts of wellness you want to bring into your 2024?



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