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Ruby Hill Winery
July 29, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Veraison Begins at Ruby Hill

Veraison is a color change process wherein our grapes turn into their mature colors. It’s a special season, and one of the prettiest things about the vineyard in July.

When the clusters begin to take on color, the countdown to harvest officially begins. Veraison is a signal to the winemaker that the grapes have finished their growing stage and are now ripening. 

The morning light captures beauty up close to these clusters. Veraison and sunlight often go hand-in-hand, with clusters that get more sun getting their color sooner. 

Some of our vines are taking their time, and that’s okay! These Cabernet Sauvignon vines are moving at their own pace, with just a few blushing berries for now. 

This time of year, vibrant contrast emerges all over the vineyard, as hues of violet, gold, bright green, and earthy red, and more. We love to see it!

A natural mosaic grows on the vines, as white wine grapes go from green to more transparent. Meanwhile, shades of violet and fuchsia emerge in the red wine blocks!  

These Sangiovese clusters are showing off their gorgeous side. We are incredibly excited to see what these look like come harvest time.  

Like the Chardonnay grape shown above, the white wine grapes are ripening and becoming more golden, transparent, and even juicy!

These Petite Sirah clusters are full to bursting with plump potential! veraison looks good on these vines. 

We hope you have enjoyed this look at the colors of veraison in the Ruby Hill estate vineyard!



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