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Ruby Hill Winery
July 22, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Tasting a Bottle of Gold

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce a new vintage of this golden favorite, our 2021 Sauvignon Blanc! In this vintage, you can enjoy all of the most delicious and refreshing fruit notes all summer long. Below, we’re breaking down some of the prominent tasting notes of this beauty. Crafted with an emphasis on tropical notes with a touch of old-world style, our Estate shows its signature sun-kissed California flair.  


Pineapple - Tropical Touch

Notes of the king of fruits dance on the plate, along with other tropical essences like ripe guava.  




Pomelo - Citrus Zing

The citrus tartness of this Sauvignon Blanc makes it both deliciously refreshing and ideal for pairing!




Blossom - Floral Flair

A meadowlike essence swirls in the aroma, reminiscent of wildflowers, honeysuckle, and apple blossoms.




Pear - Polished Sweetness

On the finish, the citrus melts away into lingering golden pear notes to please the palate. 



This Sauvignon blanc boasts a medium mouthfeel, especially rich for this varietal. The lush flavors come from the inimitable sunshine of the Livermore Valley, creating a Sauvignon Blanc that is not grassy or plain. Try it today!


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