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Ruby Hill Winery
April 8, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Poetry of Vines in Springtime


Spring is in the air, bringing changes and sun

As the ever-faithful passage of time

Lets us reminisce as the growth has begun

Every wine was once a budding vine




As pink-tipped edges slowly unfurl

And dormancy to life gives way

Buds from vines, gnarled and curled 

The Cabernet are on display




Chardonnay grows with zealous passion

Shoots, leaves, and early flowers

Green is the spring’s budding fashion

Enrobing this land of ours




Patiently dreaming of their prime

Saving glory for warmer days

Barbera vines await their chosen time 

Late to bloom and slow to age




Row after row of Sauvignon Blanc

With wild reputation

A prolific and productive block

Of golden anticipation




Young Petite Sirah buds with promise

A season of beauty undefiled

Springtime blooms bright with purpose

As the earth shows its smile



We are beyond thrilled to welcome springtime to the estate vineyards. A new season of life and growth is well underway!



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