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Ruby Hill Winery
November 4, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Chardonnay & Thanksgiving Day

Our ever-popular Reserve Collection Chardonnay is November’s Wine of the Month! It’s a delight to celebrate this flavorful classic, especially alongside our favorite holiday dishes. With Thanksgiving coming up, we want to lend a hand with your menu plans by providing a helpful guide to pairing this white wine with turkey day classics. 


Roasted Spatchcock Chicken - If you have a smaller gathering, this is a great option. The method of spatchcock is less complicated than it appears, and allows for even cooking and phenomenal flavor.

Brined Herb-Crusted Turkey - It’s not nicknamed “Turkey Day” for no reason! It’s a delight to gobble up a serving or two of well-seasoned, tender turkey, complemented by homemade gravy and a glass of wine. 

Mushroom Wellington - This vegetarian take on a beefy classic lightens up the dish, making it more approachable, easier on the waistline, and perfect for pairing with Chardonnay!


Sweet Potato Casserole - This sweet treat epitomizes this holiday of feasting and plenty. With or without marshmallows, our Chardonnay is a friend of this dish.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

A year-round favorite, we like to use this holiday as our excuse to add that extra dose of butter and heavy cream for the loveliest mash. 

Creamed Corn - Mild and easy to pair, we enjoy this age-old classic with the sumptuous flavors and unctuous mouthfeel of our Chardonnay.


Pumpkin Pie - It’s practically a requirement to enjoy this sweet-and-spiced dessert this time of year, and we recommend a nice helping of whipped cream too! 

Baked Apples - Our Chardonnay offers a fresh flavor bridge between the crispness yet smooth profile of the wine and the mellow sweetness of a good baked apple. 

Butter Pecan Cookies - Buttery and delicious, these cookies hold the flavors of the season and make a luxurious accompaniment for a glass of our Chardonnay.

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