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July 8, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

Barbecue Style Breakdown

It’s the season for outdoor eating, and there’s nothing quite like the savory bliss of fresh barbecue. Not all barbecue is the same, and knowing the difference is an important start to perfecting your preferences and methods! Who knows, it may also be time to branch out and try new styles on new cuts of meat. Barbecue can be everything from a rack of ribs slathered in thick, sweet sauce to a huge smoky brisket, so we are looking at these traditional barbecue styles, the sides you might find with them, and the wines that love them!

Memphis Barbecue:

This style specializes in succulent pork ribs or pulled pork. Memphis barbecue requires patience as meats are smoked and cooked slowly for optimum flavor. Sauces generally have tangy profile, which we love alongside our Grapeful Red. This signature red blend also works with classic Memphis barbecue sides like creamy slaw, hush puppies, and corn on the cob.  

Texas Barbecue:

The Old West roots of this state have blossomed into many signature beef and pork dishes, most notably Texas hot links, ribs, and brisket. Texas barbecue focuses less on sauces and more on technique, allowing the meats themselves to shine. Flavor is also infused through marinating or basting. Our not-yet-released 2019 Patchwork blend makes a mouthwatering match for Texas barbecue. Side dishes like Texas pinto beans, green beans, and creamed corn should be roped in too!  

Carolina Barbecue:

If you’re looking for a whole hog (or the best smoked pork shoulder you’ve ever had) then this style is for you. Carolina style barbecue has many regional specialties, but a few of the notable features include mustard or vinegar based sauces and rich, smoky flavors. Enjoy this stye with Cielo Viola, one of our member-exclusive red blends, and dig in with a supporting cast of side dishes like Carolina-style  red cabbage slaw, collard greens, or potato salad. 

Kansas City Barbecue:

Slow cooked meat and thick sweet sauces characterize the Kansas City Style. The pinnacle of this style is the beautifully tender, smoky, savory-sweet magic of burnt ends. Are you hungry yet? We certainly are! A style this rich pairs perfectly with our Jewel Collection Zinfandel. Signature soul food side dishes like baked beans, fried okra, and mac n’ cheese will round it all out. 

Korean Barbecue:

A different delicious style, Korean barbecue is interactive and social! This style can involve all kinds of meat, but the signature is bulgogi, thin slices of sirloin that have been infused with flavor and tenderized in savory salty marinade. Often served with kimchi, rice, green onion salad (called pajeori) and rich sauce that combines sweet, savory, and spicy. We’re pairing our Peacock Patch Zinfandel with Korean style barbecue for the best flavor combination.

When in doubt, when it comes to pairing wine with any kind of barbecue, go for a Zinfandel. All of the suggested blends here feature Zin, which holds its own around big, smoky flavors and delicious meats!


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