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Ruby Hill Winery
August 26, 2022 | Ruby Hill Winery

August Mornings In the Vineyard

In the days and weeks leading up to harvest, the vineyards are at their most beautiful. One by one, our various varietals take on their mature color and ripen to perfection. With the glow of the sunrise melting away the fog, the early morning offers the best look at the beauty of the vineyard during this season. View the gallery below to see for yourself!

Our Sauvignon Blanc vines grow wildly throughout their season, as this varietal is known to do. We love the golden hue that this fruit takes on this time of year--an omen of the golden wine to come!

These clusters of Petite Sirah are hearty and hefty, ready to lend their bold flavor when it comes time to create our Reserve Petite Sirah wine. 

These Sangiovese grapes, along with their big protective leaves, are healthily enduring the high temperatures we have experienced in the Livermore Valley. 

In our Barbera block, the fruit takes its time to finish growing, changing color, and ripening. We know that good things come to those who wait, so we are in no hurry.

This section of our Sauvignon Blanc is both fruitful and picturesque, beautifully green yet anything but green!

On the ground is a rather sorry sight, but one that is invaluable. To increase the quality of our fruit, some clusters are cut off so that the vines can concentrate on fewer clusters-- a practice called "dropping fruit."

By dropping fruit, the clusters that remain on the vine will be fully nourished by the vine and deeper in flavor. In many varietals, the more fruit is dropped, the more intense the quality. 

When Chardonnay is nearly fully ripe, such as the clusters pictured above, the grapes resemble polished glass marbles. 

As sunlight spreads itself over each block of the estate vineyard, we are filled with thankfulness to see such a bountiful year and healthy vines. 

These clusters will be picked in a few weeks when they have reached perfect ripeness. In the meantime, the winemaker keeps a very close eye on their progress!

The sun has risen on yet another beautiful day in the estate vineyard. Onward into Harvest 2022!


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