Sustainable wines from historic vines


At Ruby Hill Winery, we have the utmost concern for the environment. Sustainability is a critical factor in our goal of living as lightly on the land as possible and we use these practices in our tasting room, cellar and production area and in our vineyards. We power our tasting room through solar panels, we recycle plastic and glass, and we use post-consumer products when possible. In our vineyards, we use water conserving drip irrigation and environmentally friendly farming techniques. Our fruit is hand-picked, and never leaves the property throughout our entire winemaking process, eliminating the use of machinery, and greatly reducing our carbon footprint. 

We are proud to call our estate home to the many critters who patrol our vineyards. Throughout our property we have crafted specially designed owl houses to provide shelter and nesting areas for our feathered friends. Our vineyard is also home to many other animals and birds, including hawks, wild turkeys and peacocks that not only act as a natural form of pest control, but also provide a wonderful ambiance to our vineyards.

Adopting environmentally responsible practices and making them a central part on how we do business is our way of ensuring the health of our land, our communities and our industry for generations to come.