Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Ruby Hill Winery is simple. It begins in the vineyard growing and sourcing the best grapes we can find. Then continues in the cellar where our winemaking team hand-crafts each wine to perfection.

                                                         Our wines are balanced and approachable, they can be enjoyed now, or can be                                                          treasured for the years to come.We offer our wines at a reasonable price so                                                          everyone can afford to enjoy them.Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and will                                                          insure that your tasting experience is unforgetable.


Awards & Accolades

At Ruby Hill Winery our main focus is on quailty. We are very proud of our our winemaking achievements and our award winning wines from the Livermore Valley. To view a complete list of our awards and accolades please click here.



Our History  

In 1883 John Crellin planted the first vineyards into a red clay knoll and called it “Ruby Hill”. By 1889, Ruby Hill Winery was one of the largest producers of wine in the Livermore Valley. John passed away in 1921 and the property went through a number of owners, Prohibition, and fire that nearly destroyed it all.


                                                            Protected by the Friends of the Vineyards since the 1980s, Ruby Hill Winery was                                                             resurrected by Mike Callahan in 2002 and our tasting room was opened in 2008.                                                             Joined by our extraordinary winemaking team, Ruby Hill Winery continues to make                                                             history.



Our Vineyards

Any successful winemaker will tell you great wine begins in the vineyard. At Ruby Hill Winery we practice the highest level of sustainable farming to ensure we produce the best quality grapes possible. The vineyards have excellent drainage, soil, and the hills surrounding us create a microclimate which allows the vines to thrive like no other                                                        vineyards in the Livermore Valley.


                                                         We grow many different varietals including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,                                                          Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, and Petite Sirah. When you                                                          combine the unique terrior of the Livermore Valley and our estate vines with the                                                          practices of our winemaking team, you produce great wines.


                                                         Click here to view a map of our vineyards.